Lake Dredging in Texas

Silt is suctioned out of the lake and pumped up to dumpsters that are hauled away. Dredging is conducted with a barge mounted industrial pump that sucks the silt off of the lake bottom and then sends it through a discharge hose to a nearby dumpster. The water drains out of the dumpster and the silt remains which is then hauled away to the dump. This method of dredging is in compliance with all City of Austin guidelines and is more cost effective than other methods of dredging that require the silt to be handled more than once.

City of Austin Lake Dredging requirements:

  • Silt cannot be relocated to another part of the lake
  • Silt must be relocated 75' from shoreline and above the 506' elevation (14' above the lake) if redistributed on land
  • Otherwise we pump it into dumpsters and haul it away
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