Maintenance & Repairs

Unfortunately boat docks and boat lifts don't last forever, and like many other things they need occasional maintenance and repair. At Lone Star Docks our boat docks and boat lifts are the industry standard. The product and quality of work are unmatched. Since we take such pride in our work, we also want to make sure it lasts as long as possible and also help keep it in top condition for you and your family.

Boat Dock & Boat Lift Maintenance

Boat docks and lifts require regular maintenance for top functionality and to increase their longevity. Lone Star Docks has 20 years of experience getting the job done in a quick and efficient manner. Unknown to most clients, bulkhead stability is imperative. They also take damage and require maintenance. Lone Star Docks is there. We started our award winning business serving you and we won't just stop when your boat dock or lift project is completed.

Boat Dock & Boat Lift Repairs

On Lake Travis we experience highs and lows, so proper time and investment in your boat dock or boat lift can make a huge difference. Our Texas rains can also be very severe and cause damage to your dock or lift. We have certified divers that will and dive to any depth performing cable or anchor retrieval. Our proven success has saved our customers time and money.

Boat Dock & Boat Lift Remodels

If your dock or lift is aged, or you bought a new property on the lake with an outdated dock needing a remodel, LSD is the proven standard. We provide boat dock and boat lift remodels that can revitalize your lake experience.

Protect Your Dock with Our Scheduled Maintenance Plan

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