Lonestar Lift

  • Drive On / Drive Off Style
  • Key Fob Operable
  • Hydraulic or Electric
  • 10,000# capacity - straight pull
  • (2) 1.5 h.p. BH A-Drive 7000 
  • (2) 20’- 4”x 6” steel beams
  • (4) dual pillow block pipe brackets
  • SS cabling & aluminum winders
  • GEM remote system
  • LSL cradle - 10,000# capacity
    - 9’x 12’ galv. cradle - straight
    - 4”x 6” galv. tubing frame
    - polyethylene adjustable V-bunks
    - chains, cushions, K3 pulleys

Lone Star Lifts are our premier line of lifting systems representing 20 yrs. of design evolution. Our signature Lone Star Lift is a "drawbridge style" hydraulic lift with key fob control operation. Powering on or gliding off, it is the "James Bond" of boat lifts. The "drive on style" comes in both a freestanding hydraulic or an electric cable boat house lift. We also build a Lone Star Lift cradle that is fully adjustable for all boats. Made with 4"x 6" rectangular tubing and 6" quarter round black polyethylene bunks, it comes with telescoping bunk brackets for depth adjustment and bunk beams that are also adjustable width wise for the hull steps on the bottom of your boat, ensuring that your boat always sits level.

View the Lone Star Lift in Action

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